There is a Theory That Captain Shang is Bisexual

There is a Theory That Captain Shang is BisexualThere is a Theory That Captain Shang is Bisexual
Editorial Staff
November 10, 2017
Remember the ultra-sexy, ultra-macho captain of the Chinese army, Li Shang?
That question was rhetorical, because everyone knows Captain Shang, a.k.a. the hottest Disney prince.
Well he’s not like a prince prince, but…you know.
So remember the way Shang looked at Ping?
And then the way he looked at Mulan?
It’s like the same look, right? Kinda makes you wonder if he’s…you know…
At least, that’s what some theorists believe, the argument being that he caught feelings for Ping, who was believed to be male. When Shang found out Ping was actually Mulan, a few different theories emerge — some believe he was angry, as he might have actually been gay and in love with Mulan as a man. Others believe he was confused and shocked, even relieved, as he might have been wrestling with the notion of being in love with a man, only to have his inner conflict resolved after he discovers Mulan is female. Still, others recognize that he might have just felt betrayed but still able to reconcile his love for Ping/Mulan, as gender wouldn’t necessarily matter to someone attracted to both men and women.
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Gay, straight, or bisexual doesn’t matter — Shang is a total hottie no matter what his orientation.
What do you think? LGBT or straight as an arrow?
Let us know in the comments!
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