Asian-Australian Model Brutally Assaulted By Road Raging Driver

Asian-Australian Model Brutally Assaulted By Road Raging Driver

January 2, 2017
A tourist in Sydney was rushed to a hospital following a violent assault reportedly caused by an alleged misunderstanding in traffic.
Thien Nguyen, an Asian-Australian model and actor from Vietnam, sustained some cuts and bruises following an unprovoked attack in Brighton Le Sands on Friday.
According to Nine News, Nguyen, who was with his girlfriend at the time, was driving on their way to a picnic when the incident occurred. A male driver of a white Mercedes SUV reportedly got annoyed by his driving and decided to hurt him physically.
At a traffic light stop, where Nguyen has stopped his car while waiting for lights to change, the driver of the white Mercedes, without warning, opened his door and began punching him.
“I was just sitting in the car waiting for the lights to turn green, and I hear my girlfriend saying ‘sorry, sorry’,” Nguyen was quoted as saying. “And the door got opened and I came out of the car and he started hitting me repeatedly.”
After absorbing “one shot under the eye and two shots to the jaw,” Nguyen was left with a bruised eye, a chipped tooth and a broken, bloody nose.
His attacker, which he simply describes as “a big guy,” is said to be “known to the local police.”
He was first seen escaping the scene, returning in a different car, and then finally leaving again. No further details about the attacker have been released so far.
Nguyen, who was the first Asian to be chosen as Cleo Magazine’s Bachelor of the Year in 2014, was taken to St. George Hospital for immediate treatment. He was released on the same day.
In a Facebook post, Nguyen condemned the attack and stated that he believes, “Violence is not the answer, hence why I chose not to fight back.” 
“Protecting my dogs and gf that were in the car at the time was my priority. Thankfully they weren’t harmed,” he wrote.
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