The World’s Most Expensive Kebab Costs $1,315

The World’s Most Expensive Kebab Costs $1,315
Editorial Staff
April 1, 2016
Some things are better off eaten drunk, but one man has set out to dispel the status quo with his $1,315 kebab.
You’re going to hate yourself for devouring this delectable kebab inebriated. Hazev restaurant in Canary Wharf, London, boasts the world’s most expensive kebab at 925 pounds ($1,315).
According to the Daily Mail, the head chef of Hazev, Onder Sahan, challenges anyone in the world to make a better kebab and offers over 1,000 pounds ($1,400) as a prize.
Sahan dubbed his speciality kebab the “Royal Kebab” and claims to use expensive, high-quality meat, vegetables and olive oil. The dish also uses 25-year-old aged Italian vinegar, which costs 185 pounds ($263) per bottle. He was determined to prove that kebabs weren’t just appropriate as a late night “drunchies” snack for intoxicated people. Sahan stated in a video of him preparing his famous dish:
“We try to change the kebab image and then we show people if you have good taste and then you can make it whatever way you like it.”
Among the ingredients in his dish are fine Japanese Wagyu beef, fresh morel mushrooms, milk-fed lamb and goat minced into traditional kofta. Ingredients used to enhance its flavor include French Chaumes cheese with courgette flowers, Turkish basil, Jerusalem artichokes and La Vallee des Baux olive oil. Chef Sahan is proud of his culinary masterpiece, but also hopes someone will create a kebab just as worthy. He said:
“I’m really very very happy if someone do it and I’m very interested. I’m waiting if someone makes it better than this and I’m happy to pay more than 1,000.”
Sahan won first place in his country’s best kebab chef contest. His dish was in honor of the fourth British Kebab Awards that occurred earlier this month.
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