What It’s Like Being Asian During Coronavirus Chaos

What It’s Like Being Asian During Coronavirus Chaos
Editorial Staff
February 7, 2020
The novel coronavirus is causing a lot anxiety around the world as the number of deaths and people infected continues to rise exponentially, but the virus is shrouded in mystery that’s triggering a lot of misinformation and fear.
Not only is the coronavirus a health threat, it’s also setting off xenophobic and racist behavior around the world as Asians are being targeted in discriminating and even violent incidents.
In this episode of “The May Lee Show”, May talks to a medical expert to find out more about the coronavirus to separate fact from fiction. May also discusses with a psychologist about the impact racism is having on the Asian community.
The first guest, Dr. Gregory Moran, is a Clinical Professor of Medicine at the UCLA School of Medicine.
The second guest, Dr. Sherry Wang, is an assistant professor of Counseling Psychology at Santa Clara University.
About The May Lee Show: Join award-winning international journalist May Lee as she sits down with the most impactful and relevant Asian and Asian Americans who are boldly enhancing and elevating Asian voices and issues around the world. The show strikes an authentic and intimate tone with honest, entertaining and, sometimes, uncomfortable conversations. Expect the unexpected on the show.
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