‘The House of No Man’: Vietnam’s highest-grossing film comes to US theaters

‘The House of No Man’: Vietnam’s highest-grossing film comes to US theaters
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Ines Shin
March 1, 2023
Director Tran Thanh’s newest drama film, “The House of No Man” (“Nha Ba Nu”), arrives in the U.S. this Friday across 60 theaters. 
In February, “The House of No Man” earned 450 billion Vietnamese dong (approximately $19 million) within 24 days in theaters, dethroning “Bo Gia” (“Dad, I’m Sorry!”), which Thanh co-directed, to become the highest-grossing Vietnamese film of all time.
Thanh said that the film is scheduled to be released in theaters in California, Texas, Arizona, Utah, Virginia, Kansas and Florida on March 3 before reaching Australia and Singapore on March 9, followed by Canada on March 10.
In his movie, the 36-year-old director plays Nhuan, the brother-in-law of Nhi, a key character of the film who encounters obstacles in her efforts to take the reins of her own life. 
Nhi finds that her hopes for the future are beginning to clash with those of her mother, Nu, who is dealing with the demands to provide for the family through her crab soup business. When Nu forbids Nhi from entering a relationship, she elopes with her boyfriend only to regret her decision when confronted by the realities of life.  
A popular Vietnamese adage translated to say, “You sit where your parents seat you,” shapes the film’s plot. 
“Somehow, as children, we grow through our parents’ scoldings,” Thanh said of the film’s inspiration.  

But sometimes parents forget the right way to communicate to their children, all due to exhaustion from their struggles and hustles. My making of this film is an attempt to replicate, as realistically as possible, the emotions of both parties for them to reflect upon. It’s like someone has placed hidden cameras and then replayed all the footage.

Watch the trailer for “The House of No Man” below:

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