The Hollywood Reporter Tweets Photo of the Wrong Asian When Highlighting Bowen Yang

It appears The Hollywood Reporter is still unable to identify different Asian people. 

Barely two months after using a random Asian woman’s face to depict Oscar-winning director Jessica Yu in an article, the media outlet has made the same glaring mistake. 

This time, THR featured a photo of comedian Joel Kim Booster in a tweet that supposedly highlights new Saturday Night Live cast member Bowen Yang. 

via Twitter/THR

The tweet, which was posted on Friday, links an article from June 20 that contained photos of both comedians from a joint interview. Booster’s individual photo appears ahead of Yang’s in the article.

THR has since edited the tweet and updated it with the correct photo:

It then issued an apology, attributing the mistake to a “photo error.”

However, screenshots of the unfortunate tweet were already making its rounds on Twitter.

In no time, Asians on Twitter were calling out the media platform for the mistake.

Yang, who joined SNL last season as a writer, was recently announced as a new cast member of the comedy program’s upcoming season.

Booster himself tweeted his congratulations to Yang soon after his SNL casting was announced.

Feature Image via Instagram / fayedunaway

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