New Report Reveals the Countries With the Best and Worst Internet Speeds

New Report Reveals the Countries With the Best and Worst Internet Speeds

March 25, 2016
Asia is home to the fastest internet connection in the world with Singapore and South Korea leading the pack. The average connection in the continent is also the fastest average connection in the world according to the Q4 analysis of global internet speeds by Akamai in its latest State of the Internet Report.
In the last quarter, Singapore posted the world’s fastest peak connection at 135.7 Mbps. The country’s average connection speed, a more accurate representation of the average person’s daily internet usage, is 13.9 Mbps. The average internet speed globally is 5.6 Mbps while the average peak is 32.5 Mbps.
South Korea has an impressive top average speed of 26.7 Mbps and its peak speed of 95.3 Mbps is third fastest in the world.
The second top peak speed is claimed by Hong Kong, which also has the sixth fastest average speed globally. Japan comes close at fifth in top peak connection and fourth in average speed.
The slowest average connections in Asia are claimed by Vietnam (3.8 Mbps), the Philippines (3.2 Mbps) and India (2.8 Mbps). The lowest peak speeds were posted by the Philippines (27 Mbps), China (26.7 Mbps) and India (21.2 Mbps).
The US, while fastest in the Americas, did not even crack the top 10 in the global rankings of both categories, ranking 20th globally for its peak connection speed at  61.5 Mbps and 14th for its average connection speed at 14.2 Mbps.
Europe’s Sweden and Norway impressively ranks 2nd and 3rd globally on average speeds with 19.1 Mbps and 18.8 Mbps respectively.
In its report, Akamai used its proprietary Intelligent Platform to gather and analyze massive amounts of data globally. It studied metrics such as internet connection speeds, network connectivity/availability issues and web traffic patterns.
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