This Genius $47 Japanese Device Turns Any Sink into a Mini Laundry Machine

A Japanese company has come up with a convenient and cost-effective solution for those who need a to wash their clothes on the go.

Thanko, a company also known for producing the armpit fan, has released Washable, a device that can turn any bucket or sink into your own personal washing machine — and it weighs less than half a pound. Say goodbye to having to leave your hotel room to find the nearest laundromat!

Perhaps the best thing about Washable is that no laundry detergent is needed for it to work. The devices using ultrasonic waves to penetrate the fabric and blast the dirt away, so using a small amount of any type of soap will do the job.

Washable is also USB-powered, so you can easily charge it through your phone charger or backup battery pack. It’s currently available online for 4,980 yen (US$47).

h/t: RocketNews24

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