‘Thank you, Mama’ baby Grey is making videos on his own, and viewers are stunned by how much he’s grown

  • Internet famous baby Grey, known for “Thank you, Mama!” catchphrase has gone viral in a new vlogging video capturing an #OOTD.
  • Viewers can’t get over how much he’s grown since videos of him taken by his mother first went viral in early 2020. 
  • TikTok account @Greyandmama has gotten over 207 million likes across all videos, while a compilation of his “Thank you, Mama!” videos posted to YouTube has amassed over 33 million views. 

The internet’s most polite child with the most refined palate has rapidly grown right in front of our eyes. 

Grey of TikTok’s @Greyandmama first went viral early last year in a series of videos his mother took of his adorable responses to receiving food. He repeats the same three words in each video – “Thank you, mama!” – while smiling up at his mother, and the simple show of gratitude warms our hearts every time. 

Recently, however, a now 4-year-old Grey went viral yet again in a TikTok video he recorded this time on his own to provide a full description of his outfit for an outing at the movies. The internet was left wondering where the time has gone, and how baby-faced Grey is already nearing the end of toddlerhood. 

@greyandmamaGreyCam: outfit of the day to watch the new spiderman movie 😂 ##ootd ##toddler ##outfit ##spiderman ##funny ##wiw ##grwm ##fyp ##foryoupage ##familytime ##wholesome ##foodiefam♬ original sound – greyandmama

In the video, he’s seen holding the phone towards a full-length mirror and sharing his #OOTD or Outfit of the Day. “So here’s my Spiderman outfit. Mama got it for me,” he begins. He goes on to gush over the red and blue sweater, noting several times how it’s just “so cool.”

With over 1.7 million views as of this writing, the video’s comments are filled with users stunned by how much the dapper young man has grown.

“The fact that Grey is old enough to make his own videos is crazy. I remember him being so little and thanking mama for everything,” the top comment reads. 

Another user wrote, “I’m so glad we all raised Grey together as one big happy TikTok family,” to which the account owner, presumably Grey’s mother, responded “Truly.” 

Grey’s #OOTDs and other vlogging-type videos appear to have started in July as part of the “GreyCam” series, with Grey showing off his robotic vacuum cleaner that he introduces to viewers as “Marty.” 

Nowadays in the spirit of the season, Grey and his mama have been sharing more of their holiday adventures in addition to their normal food-related content. And still, in many of the videos, Grey continues to remind users how much there is to be thankful for. 

Featured Image via @Greyandmama (left, right)

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