Thailand Offers Foreigners Elite Residency Packages In Paradise for Up to $60,000

In an attempt to capitalize on surges on immigration, the Thai government has announced an exclusive residency offer for rich foreigners.

Thailand is presenting seven different packages with the $60,000 “Elite Ultimate Privilege” being the most expensive. This offer gives foreigners 20 years of residency in Thailand, work permits, driving license, VIP access to government immigration agencies, and a state-sponsored concierge.

In addition, the government also plans to give “Elite Ultimate” residents annual checkups at a private hospital, 24 spa treatments, golfing trips each year, and return airport transfers.

For those who are interested in a short stay, Business Insider reported that the country also offers a $15,000 package that gives 5 years of residency called the “Elite Easy Access” as well as a $10,000 package for 10 years of residency.

Head of citizenship consultancy firm Henley and Partners in Southeast Asia, Dominik Volek, said that these kinds of programs are “innovative” ways to increase economic growth, according to SFGate.

“There has been a sharp increase worldwide in the number of individuals wanting to acquire a beneficial second or third residence or citizenship to globalize their family’s opportunities and expand their business interests in a changing and uncertain world,” said Volek.

Given the amount of tourists that visit Thailand every year, this might be a great window of opportunity for the Thai government to fully take advantage of the situation.

In a country where you can live off from $3,000 a year while surrounded by beautiful and world class beaches, who wouldn’t be tempted to move?

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