Doctor of weed? Thailand now offering cannabis science degrees after marijuana legalization

  • Waldo 18, a medicinal cannabis supply chain company in Thailand, is partnering with Filipino-Thai restaurant Toto Inasal to give individuals an opportunity to obtain a degree in cannabis science.
  • The Waldo Institute of Petchburi, officially accredited by Thailand’s Office of Higher Education Commission, will offer bachelors, masters and PhDs in Cannabis Science.
  • Hemp and cannabis were officially decriminalized in Thailand on June 9.

With Thailand’s decriminalization of cannabis on June 9, a company that distributes medicinal plants is offering degrees in cannabis science.

Waldo 18, a commercial supply chain company that grows and sells medicinal plants, is teaming up with Jongkasem Julakham-Platon, the owner of Filipino-Thai restaurant Toto Inasal in Bangkok, to provide cannabis science degrees at the Waldo Institute of Petchburi. The institution is accredited by Thailand’s Office of the Higher Education Commision, making the degree officially recognized. According to Julakhan-Platon, the institute will be offering bachelors, masters and PhDs in cannabis science.

“They are also developing a new breed named Rocher Breed. It’s a highly resistant and high survival-rate cannabis breed,” Julakham-Platon told Mashable. “Toto Inasal will also help in the experimentation of Cannabis products with food and beverages.”

Thailand is the first Southeast Asian country to decriminalize cannabis, permitting people to grow their own cannabis at home, although they must be of medical grade and for medicinal purposes only. Cannabis products must also contain less than 0.2% of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive ingredient that produces the sensation of being high.

Although the Thai government stated that cannabis is only legal for medicinal purposes, many food and beverage establishments are serving edibles and cannabis-infused teas and coffees. 

The country’s public health minister, Anutin Charnvirakul, previously announced on Facebook that 1 million cannabis plants would be given away for free in celebration of the drug’s legalization.


Feature image via Pexels

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