Thailand Encourages Women to Make Babies With the Weirdest Campaign Slogan

Thailand Encourages Women to Make Babies With the Weirdest Campaign Slogan

February 9, 2017
Along with other Asian countries, Thailand is also growing weary of their decreasing population.
Director-General of Health Department in Thailand, Wachira Pengcham, said that the changes in modern society have led to their plummeting birth rate. He said more and more, Thai women are now aspiring for higher education which then puts marriage on hold. Some of these women even choose not to marry at all, thus, affecting their population.
Moreover, another factor affecting the population are “baby boomers” who are starting to die because of old age.
In order to address the problem, public health minister Piyasakol Sakolsatayadorn launched a campaign that targets Thai women between ages 20-34. However, what could make or break their effort is their catchphrase, “Rosy-cheeked Thai ladies bear babies for the nation with wonderful vitamins.”
The campaign promises to help mothers and newborns by developing a more effective health care system which should cover several components like marriage, family planning, pregnancy, and postnatal care. Additionally, the ministry also aims to adjust maternity leave and tax deductions.
As an added promotion, the ministry announced that they will give away free “wonderful vitamins”, or prenatal vitamins, to couples who can present a valid marriage certificate this coming Valentine’s Day.
But before they start making any new plans, perhaps the ministry should first consider the current problems faced by many Thai mothers. Coconuts Bangkok reported that there are 20 deaths in 100,000 pregnancy caused by anemia. Other issues that affect the country include child deficiencies and low birth and growth quality.
Let’s all see if the campaign slogan is catchy enough to encourage Thai’s to start popping some babies.
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