Thai Woman’s Toothache Turns Out to Be a Devastating Cancerous Tumor

A Thai woman’s trip to the dentist led to the terrible discovery of the reason her tooth hurt so much: a tumor the size of a grapefruit.
Jennie Yoo has been suffering chronic pain around her front teeth since December of last year but assumed it was nothing serious. Thinking her cavities simply needed a filling, the 27-year-old Bangkok-native went to see her dentist, the Daily Mail reported.
Unable to diagnose her problem, the dentist sent her to a specialist in Seoul, South Korea, who conducted tests and X-rays on her. Laboratory results would later reveal she had cancer, which caused a tumor to grow in the left part of her jaw.
After six sessions of chemotherapy, the tumor persisted, causing her nose and left eye to be twisted. When photos of her disfigured face began to surface online, trolls started to bully her, accusing her of using Photoshop to get attention. She then uploaded a video of herself talking on camera.
She narrated how the disease is ruining her life, but she is determined to fight back.
“I only thought I had some small tooth problem and might need a filling or one pulled out,” she explained. 
“I’ve had six sessions of chemotherapy so far but they were all sporadic, because of how expensive they are. The tumor in my cheek has continued growing,” she added.
Yoo, who formerly worked as a rubber farm worker, was getting help from her parents, initially paying THB 80,000 ($2,234) per round of chemotherapy.
Fortunately, a special medical grant in Thailand has picked up the costs and the doctors informed her that after five more bouts of chemotherapy, she can fully overcome her cancer.
Yoo has stayed positive that she will one day beat the disease. However, when she goes outside, she still wears a mask to avoid stares from strangers.
“I want to get back to living my life, and have a job like everyone else. I want to feel normal again. I’ll do any job, I want to support myself and be strong,” she was quoted as saying.
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