Thai Woman With Psoriasis Loses Her Husband and Job Over Fears She Has AIDS

Thai Woman With Psoriasis Loses Her Husband and Job Over Fears She Has AIDSThai Woman With Psoriasis Loses Her Husband and Job Over Fears She Has AIDS
Ryan General
January 22, 2018
A woman in Thailand made a tearful plea on local television after her psoriasis reportedly resulted in losing both her husband and job over concerns that she has AIDS.
woman with psoriasis loses her husband and suspended from her job
The unfortunate ordeal of the 27-year-old masseuse, identified only as Arunsri, was brought to light this week by local actor Bhin Bunluerit via a Facebook post.
According to Bhin, Arunsri has been suffering from a recurring case of psoriasis over the past decade. Her condition became a lot worse only after she became pregnant with her second child, The Nation reported. 
thai psoriasis patient lost her job and husband
“My husband left me because he found my illness unacceptable,” Arunsri was quoted as saying on TV-radio show “Hope: Prakaisaeng Haeng Kwamwang” (The Light of Hope), hosted by the Government Lottery Office.
In an interview with Bhin, she narrated how her company reportedly suspended her after clients mistook her skin condition for AIDS, and started to refuse her service.
“I want to get better and be cured so I can get back to work,” Arunsri said. I have to take care of my two children and my mother, who takes care of them in Udon Thani.”
thai woman suspended from job after customers thought her psoriasis was aids
Arunsri, who used to provide for her mother and two children, ages 12 years and nine months, has been unemployed for five months. A friend in Bangkok has since taken her in as she continues psoriasis medication.
Psoriasis is a common skin condition that speeds up the life cycle of skin cells, causing cells to build up rapidly on the surface of the skin in the form of scales, and red patches that are itchy and sometimes painful. While the exact source of the disease is not entirely known, it is believed that the immune system and genetics play major roles in its development.
In the show, Arunsri received 10,000 Thai Baht ($315), some grocery items and rice from the program’s sponsors. Bhin gave an additional 15,000 Thai Baht ($470), and urged others to make donations, and help the woman get back on her feet.
Feature Image via Facebook / Bhin Bunluerit
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