Thai woman is reportedly beaten by Datuk Seri in Malaysia after pulling away from his sexual assault

Thai Woman Attacked

Malaysian authorities are now looking into the report of a Thai woman attacked by a drunk man, who was allegedly a “Datuk Seri,” after a sexual assault last week.

What happened: The woman, a 23-year-old Thai national, was reportedly at a restaurant in the town of Klang in Malaysia with her friends on Dec. 9 when the drunk man made a pass at her, according to Hype Malaysia citing a now-deleted China Press report.

  • The assailant, who was allegedly Chinese, reportedly approached and groped the woman. She managed to get away from him, which angered him further.
  • He began hitting her, and she suffered a nose injury from the attack. Her friends eventually stepped in to help when her nose began bleeding profusely. The suspect, who the woman claims to be a “Datuk Seri,” then allegedly threatened her.
  • The victim managed to flee the scene and reported the attack to the police. According to Says, the man “is said to be a well-known local businessman.”
  • Malaysian authorities are now looking into the incident, and they plan to “verify the validity of the suspect’s title,” according to South Klang OCPD Asst. Comm. Cha Hoong Fong, The Star reported.

Other details: “Datuk Seri,” which The Rakyat Post described as the “highest-ranking state award title” bestowed by sultans or the heads of state, is awarded to individuals to “recognize contributions.”

Featured Image China Press via Hype

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