Thai Woman Accused of Marrying 12 Men For Their Dowries Claims Her Love is Legit

Thai Woman Accused of Marrying 12 Men For Their Dowries Claims Her Love is Legit

September 12, 2017
A Thai woman allegedly married up to 12 men with the intent of collecting their dowries, but she claims that the love she shared with them was real.
Jariyaporn Buayai, 32, was arrested on the outskirts of Bangkok, and taken into police custody after her connection to numerous fraud cases was unearthed.
While Buayai admitted that the allegations against her only involved her fruit business, victims claimed otherwise. One man claimed that Buayai also swindled 500,000 baht ($1,509) from him, according to Coconuts.
In an interview with reporters, the 32-year-old woman addressed the allegations stating that she only married seven men, and that she never intended to deceive them.
When asked if she loved any of the men she married, Buayai answered, “When I dated them, I really loved them.”
Despite Buayai’s explanation, the police still arrested her for fraud and embezzlement charges. The Thai woman is yet to be charged for scamming men for their dowries, but her notorious reputation has already spread online.
Police Lt. Gen Thitirat Nonghanpithak revealed that the suspected scammer’s modus operandi wasn’t that complicated. The police commander explained that she was only successful because she was doing similar acts in different regions of the country.
One of Buayai’s victims described her as a “charming” woman, and Nonghanpithak pointed out that she often convinced men to buy plots of land. In addition, it’s reported that the woman charmed her way into dating multiple men at the same time.
While Buayai became infamous for her dating scam, another Thai woman became famous for making money legally by sharing her dating trade secrets.
A Thai woman who goes by the moniker Madame Praiya turned her dating experience into a business that earned up to 14,000 baht ($410). Praiya claims that she dated a whopping 5,000 foreign men and promised to share her techniques to others at a price.
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