Thai Tourists Caught Trespassing in Yellowstone DGAF About Safety Signs

Thai Tourists Caught Trespassing in Yellowstone DGAF About Safety Signs
Bryan Ke
August 17, 2017
A female tourist from Thailand who was caught on video trespassing in Yellowstone National Park has recently defended herself, saying the warning sign is too small.
“No, I didn’t violate any rules. Had I broken a rule, I would have received a warning from park officials,” the unnamed female tourist said while speaking to Thai Channnel 3 through a phone call, The Nation reported.
She then tried to justify that the park would’ve put a border surrounding the area if it is truly dangerous. “Had it been dangerous, there would have been a big sign or fence to prevent tourists from going into the area,” the female tourist continued on the phone interview.
The clip, which was taken by an American guide in Yellowstone National Park and posted on YouTube, shows the woman taking pictures while beyond a warning sign that states: “Danger. Fragile Thermal Area. Stay on officially marked and maintained trails.”
The area is said to be quite dangerous as some individuals have died after falling into the hot thermal pool, according to Coconuts Bangkok. Some tourists who were caught violating the rules were fined. One Canadian in 2016 had to pay up $3,500 for trespassing in the park while two others faced one week of prison time and paid $2,000 in fines each for taking commercial photography, riding a bicycle and using a drone.
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