Thai Teacher Accidentally Lets a Convicted Rapist Take a Fifth Grader Home

Parents of a young rape victim are now seeking justice after the apparent neglect of a schoolteacher led to a terrible crime.
A school in Thailand is now at a the center of a controversy for allegedly allowing a rapist take an 11-year-old student out of the school premises.
A stranger on a bike reportedly told a schoolteacher in Pathum Thani, Thailand in the morning of Sept. 13 that he was instructed by the fifth grade student’s parents to fetch their daughter. The stranger turned out to be 21-year-old convicted rapist Somchai Siangek, reported Channel 7 Khao Kum (via Bangkok Coconuts).
The unnamed girl was reportedly taken to a nearby area where she was sexually assaulted before bringing her back to school on the same day before lunch. The rapist also threatened the young girl to not tell anyone.
Authorities have already arrested Siangek, who is now held in Thanyaburi jail, facing charges of rape, abduction, and threatening. Upon questioning, the rapist confessed that he was sexually aroused so he just visited the school and picked up a random girl he did not know and sexually assaulted her.
The child’s parents asked the school for their help after their child told them what had happened. They also requested the footage of the suspect, however, the school declined to provide the CCTV footage.
Local authorities have expressed interest on interrogating two of the teachers from the school. Somchai was revealed to be a former student at the school, leading the police to suspect that the school might be aiding him in a way.
The victim’s parents fear that the case will eventually be dropped and decided to seek help from local media. Investigators are currently awaiting the physical examination results of the victim, which could take up to a month.
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