Family-Owned Thai Restaurant in Texas Gets Racist ‘Speak English’ Note From Customer

A Thai restaurant located in Lubbock, Texas received a disturbing anonymous message on Thursday, demanding that the restaurant’s employees “learn to speak English.”

Thai Thai Restaurant posted a photo of the message, which was handwritten on a napkin, on their Facebook page. The note read: “If you’re going to live in AMERICA learn to speak ENGLISH! Or, go back to where you came from!”

The identity of the person who wrote the racist message, which was reportedly left at the counter during lunchtime, remains unknown.

Although English is undeniably the de facto language of the United States, it should be noted that the U.S. has no official language and therefore no federal law that states someone must “learn to speak English” because they live in America, as the note suggests.

The restaurant’s Facebook page issued an apology in the post, writing, “Someone left it at the counter at lunch today. Who ever you are, I apologize for that which I wasn’t born with.”

The post has since gone viral online and Facebook users have flooded the comments with words of encouragement for the restaurants’ owners and employees.

A Thai restaurant located in Lubbock, Texas received a disturbing anonymous message on Thursday, demanding that the restaurant's employees "learn to speak English."
Owner of Thai Thai Restaurant Radium Rittiluechai (center) celebrating his birthday with customers at the restaurant

Several users also pointed out the hypocrisy of someone who wishes to enjoy another culture’s food but is incapable of respecting the origin of the dishes they enjoy:

“If they want to enjoy your culture’s food they should respect your culture and language.”

“I am so sorry that people are so blind and hateful. Please do not apologize for your amazing journey and know that there are many in Lubbock who are happy you are here and grateful that you share your culture with us through your delicious food. I will be coming by soon!”

“We love y’all- and are thankful for you!!!!! I can’t imagine going to a restaurant which serves food that represents another culture and say such a hateful thing!!!”

“You can speak whatever language you want in America. Don’t apologize.”

Feature images via Thai Thai Restaurant

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