Thai Police Bust 15-Year-Old Transgender For Running Facebook Prostitution Ring

Thai Police Bust 15-Year-Old Transgender For Running Facebook Prostitution Ring

September 22, 2016
Thai police recently busted an online prostitution ring run by a 15-year-old transgender girl in the city of Udon Thani on Tuesday.
Local authorities arrested the young pimp identified only as “Ae” after their human trafficking team conducted a successful sting operation, reported Thairath (via Coconuts Bangkok) .
The team used the Facebook page to arrange a meeting with one of the three girls featured on the page. The meetup was set at a motel room in Udon Thani and the price arranged for her services was 1,200 Thai Baht ($35).
Shocked to discover that another under-aged person arranged the transaction, the police learned more upon questioning that it was the teen who had set up the Facebook page. She revealed that she had originally been prostituting herself to men for THB 800 ($23).
She said she only recently began arranging sex dates for the three underaged girls she knew for about a year, noting that they all volunteered to be prostituted online. For each transaction, she gets to keep THB 200 ($6) while the girl gets THB 1,000 ($29).
Ae, who claims to have run away from her home two years ago after her mom died, told police that she had not been to school and was addicted to yaba (a drug mixture of methamphetamine + caffeine).
The officers found a 16-year-old girl named Bee in the motel room. Also a runaway, Bee did not attend school and had been selling her body to support her yaba addiction.
On the average, Bee said she saw seven to 10 customers per month for the past year. Her regular clients were men over 30, varying from construction workers to local politicians.
Both teens claimed to not know that what they were doing was illegal. Bee was taken into custody to live at a children’s home while Ae was charged, but she will also receive social services.
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