Thai Mom Makes Son Pick Up Trash When He Refuses to Go to School

A mother from Bangkok, Thailand teaches her 5-year-old son a life lesson after he refuses to go to school on January 18, Thursday, by making him pick up plastic and glass bottle from the street and sell them for coins.

thai mom son garbage
Image via Facebook

The mother, Nuttanitcha Chotsirimeteekul, and her husband took the day off from their work to teach their pre-schooler son a life lesson, according to Asia One. She shared the story on what happened to them through a series of Facebook posts.

thai mom son garbage
Image via Facebook

On her Facebook post on Thursday, the mother goes into detail on how they walked for about 2.2 kilometers (1.3 miles) and pick up bottles along the way that weighed about 2 kilograms (4.4 pounds), which they sold for 2 baht ($0.06) a piece.

thai mom son garbage
Image via Facebook

After they’ve collected bottles, the boy asked his mother if they can take the bus going home. Instead of giving him a direct yes or no answer, Chotsirimeteekul asked him if he has money as a bus ride in the city costs 10 baht ($0.31).

Image via Facebook

Unfortunately, he didn’t have enough money for the ride. To which the woman said: “Then we have to find more bottles to earn more money.”

In a rather surprising twist, the boy suddenly changed his mind and decided to take the hard route home. “It’s ok, I’ll walk,” he replied.

Soon after, he made another request, and this time he asked for an ice cream. But her mother asked him again if he still have enough money as a cone costs about 5 baht ($0.16). The boy replied, “No, I don’t want it anymore.”

Image via Facebook

In one of the videos posted by Chotsirimeteekul, the boy can be heard telling his mother: “I’m so tired, it’s so hot, I want to go home.”

Image via Facebook

Chotsirimeteekul, with this lesson, aims to teach her son what it means to work hard. Of course, this too would be a lesson for her, and it’s to always be a role model for their son. This would also help their son to realize that no matter what path he chooses or the difficulty he goes through, they would always be by his side in ever step of the way, the mother said.

The mother’s heartwarming life lesson post for her son became viral in Thailand and other parts of the world, as said in the report. It garnered more than 70,000 likes and 60,000 shares from people.

People overseas have send their positive message to the mother after seeing the media attention it received.

As for its effectiveness, though, it appears like Chotsirimeteekul’s method is somehow effective. In another video, the mother asked her son “So do you want to work or go to school?” to which the exhausted pre-schooler loudly declares, “I want to go to school!”

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