Thai Model Sues Hospital After Plastic Surgery Permanently Disfigures Her Face

An up-and-coming Thai model decided to boost her career opportunities by undergoing plastic surgery to change the shape of her jaw. The decision, however, turned out to be a huge mistake after the surgery allegedly left her seriously injured.
Ploynatchaya “Ploy” Siriphatdeejiranon, who spent most of her savings amounting to 190,000 Thailand Baht, around $5,500, on the surgery, has filed a complaint against her surgeons through the local police in Muang Nonthaburi, Thailand on Tuesday. Accompanied by her mother and a lawyer, the 26-year-old filed a case for recklessly causing serious injury.
According to Daily News (via Coconuts Bangkok) Ploy was in tears as she narrated how she used the money she earned from her stint in Smooth E cosmetics commercials and the music video “Mai Whai Gor Thong Whai” by artist Jeasmine to invest in her modeling career.
She was reportedly hoping to improve her looks by having some work done on her jaw and cheeks. After the surgery however, her face got worse. She reportedly sustained a burn mark under her chin, her cheekbones became disjointed and her mouth became crooked.
While the hospital reportedly admitted that the burn mark was caused by mishandling of a surgical instrument, she was told to not worry as “time heals all wounds.”
To have her face fixed, she went back to the hospital to make some adjustments. Several visits later, she noticed nothing was getting better.
“When they saw that I wasn’t getting any better, they said that they were going to charge me the next time I visited. That made me even more stressed. I confided with my mother about what I should do, and we ended up going to another hospital,” the Thai Model  said.“They scanned my face and told me that they will have to sew and pull my face into place, to stop my cheeks from drooping, which would continue doing so without treatment. It was going to cost me THB 15,000 ($430) for every visit.”
In the end, she decided to sue the hospital which she blamed was responsible in the first place.
“I am no longer confident. I can’t get a job or go to work any longer because now I have trouble speaking coherently and there’s always saliva drooling out from my mouth. I have lost serious earning potential, when I should actually be making more. That’s why I want justice and I hope everyone will support me after what I’ve been through.”
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