Thai man accuses son of drugging him, killing his wife to steal nearly $2 million

Thai man accuses son of drugging him, killing his wife to steal nearly $2 million
via Phil Cruz (representational only)
Michelle De Pacina
February 13, 2023
A Thai millionaire has accused his son and daughter-in-law of drugging him and killing his wife to steal his nearly $2 million in assets.
On Feb. 11, the unidentified 67-year-old man filed a complaint at Chanchoengsao Police Station claiming that he was held captive for over two years before he managed to escape in May last year.
The millionaire claimed that his son and daughter-in-law began drugging him and his wife in 2020 by adding poison to their food. He and his wife were allegedly locked in the house.
When a relative found them and brought them to a hospital, the son allegedly took them back. 
The couple was then relocated to the daughter-in-law’s house in Chanchoengsao province, where they were kept in separate rooms.
They were reportedly given rice, instant noodles, canned fish and tap water, all of which were allegedly laced with poison.
The 67-year-old also claimed that they were not permitted to leave their rooms to use the restroom, forcing them to relieve themselves in the rooms.
The couple was reportedly only allowed to shower for 15 minutes once every three months. 
Although the father managed to escape in May 2022, he found out that his wife allegedly died by hanging. 
However, the millionaire believes that his son and daughter-in-law killed his wife and staged it to appear as if she committed suicide.
According to the father, his son submitted a document to the court claiming that he and his wife were no longer competent due to their mental health issues as a means to obtain his assets.
He claimed that the court approved the request, allowing the transfer of his 65 million baht (approximately $1.9 million) in savings to his son’s bank account.  
The incident has reportedly gone viral on Thai social media, with many netizens expressing disbelief over the situation. 
Authorities have publicly noted that they are currently investigating the case.
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