Thai man arrested after promoting crystal meth as skin brightener on TikTok

Thai man arrested after promoting crystal meth as skin brightener on TikTok
Bryan Ke
November 28, 2022
A Thai man was arrested for promoting the use of crystal meth, which he claimed could brighten users’ skin, on Facebook and TikTok.
The man, identified as 52-year-old Udon Parnpinit, was arrested in his home in the Prang Ku district of Sisaket province just six hours after posting his crystal meth promotional video on social media, according to reports. Authorities also recovered drugs and related paraphernalia from his home.
In his social media posts, Udon encourages meth users to use crystal meth instead, claiming that the former will turn their skin gray while the latter will brighten it.
Although some users found his video humorous, others reported it to the authorities, which led to his arrest. While in custody, Udon reportedly tested positive for the drugs.
During his confession to the police, Udon reportedly admitted that he wanted to promote the use of crystal meth online at least once despite knowing the legal ramifications. Udon was eventually charged with using Category 1 drugs under Thailand’s Narcotics Act, which includes methamphetamine, amphetamine and heroin, and was taken to a rehabilitation center.
Thailand officially legalized cannabis and hemp in June, allowing people to grow medical-grade marijuana in their homes after following several regulations, including notifying their local government.
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