Thai Man Apologizes for Viral Photo of Eaten Crocodile, Says It Was Farm-Raised

Thai Man Apologizes for Viral Photo of Eaten Crocodile, Says It Was Farm-Raised
Khier Casino
By Khier Casino
January 12, 2017
Thai resident Kasidit Kurenine Tumwisissak has apologized after photos of people from the flooded Thai province feasting on the remains of a crocodile went viral.
But it turns out the croc carcass that residents of Nakhon Si Thammarat were eating wasn’t a loose animal from a zoo or a wild one that washed up with the recent flood.
Tumwisissak, the man who can be seen posing with the dead animal, explained on Facebook that the crocodile in the photo was actually from a legally registered farm, according to Coconuts Bangkok.
The animal escaped during the flood but was eventually caught, and the owner of the farm chose to kill it and share its meat with fellow residents.
Since we didn’t know any better, we posted photos of the crocodile that was carved, and caused damage to society,” Tumwisissak was quoted as saying. “The farm’s owner wants to apologize and would like to ask everyone to stop sharing this news. Thank you.
While the 7-foot flood has since subsided, and two of the four escaped crocodiles are now safe and sound, staff at the local zoo pointed out that giant crocs Sao and Nadia are still on the loose.
The workers believe that the two animals are still in the zoo because they would have needed to climb over the fence to escape.
However, residents of Nakhon Si Thammarat were warned not to go into public waterways for their own safety.
On Thursday, officials employed several fire trucks to drain out the water from Thung The Lard lake to search for the remaining crocs.
The zoo where Nadia, a freshwater/seawater crocodile hybrid, was kept for years is located close to the lake, according to Thai PBS.
Officials also suspected that the crocodiles may be hiding in Tha Pae canal, which is connected to the sea.
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