Thai High Schooler Livestreams Striptease on Facebook, Gets Caught By Royal Police

Thai High Schooler Livestreams Striptease on Facebook, Gets Caught By Royal Police
Ryan General
By Ryan General
February 17, 2017
A high schooler in Thailand was recently given a stern warning by no less than the Royal Thai Police for a sexy video she posted via Facebook Live.
The student caught the attention of the Royal Thai Police after the video, in which she performed a live striptease via the social network’s live-streaming feature, went viral.
In the clip, the unnamed teenager was first seen wearing a cosplay Japanese school uniform before she changed into her Thai school uniform in front of her online viewers. Royal Thai Police Spokesman Pol. Col. Krissana Pattanacharoen warned teens against stripping on Facebook Live as it is deemed illegal and inappropriate in the country.
According to Sanook (via Coconuts Bangkok), Krissana made a statement against the viral clip, noting that the seductive video violates Section 14 (1) of the Computer Crime Act, a law in Thailand criminalizing any publicly accessible content of pornographic nature. He warned that such offense carries a maximum sentence of a five-year imprisonment plus a fine of THB 100,000 ($2,900).
The high school student featured in the widely circulated video will be summoned by authorities for questioning. The Royal Thai Police spokesperson further warned that police will also prosecute teens who engage in performing sexy dance videos online.
“I’d like to warn the teens, both male and female, who are about to do this [hosting a provocative show on Facebook]. There have been so many cases, and the police will take them seriously,” Krissana was quoted as saying.
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