Thai Farmer Goes Viral Taking Adorable Selfies With His Smiling Buffalo


A Thai farmer’s selfies with his smiling buffalo have made the pair instant internet celebs after their adorable photos were widely shared on social media.

Surat Phaewgate, a farmer from Chainat in Thailand, shared images of himself with his bovine pet on Facebook last week.

Phaewgate was reportedly taking his buffalos out for grazing on November 11 when he decided to take a few selfies with one of them.

Named Tong Kum (meaning “gold”), the five-year-old buffalo posed with Phaewgate in an apparent grin, captivating thousands of netizens on the social media platform.

As of this writing, the images have been shared over 32,000 times, generating nearly 4,000 comments and more than 32,000 reactions.

The viral images also brought attention to the farmer’s plight, resulting in an outpouring of donations from kindhearted netizens.

Phaewgate has four other buffalos under his care but he says the photogenic buffalo is his favorite.

Featured image via Facebook/สุรัตน์ แผ้วเกตุ

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