Thai Man Adopts Dog He Brought Home While Drunk

Thai Man Adopts Dog He Brought Home While DrunkThai Man Adopts Dog He Brought Home While Drunk
Social media users are applauding a Thai man for adopting a dog he once brought home on a drunken night out with his friend.
The story starts on the night of Oct. 2 when Facebook user Yutthaphum Kaewekhem went out for a late night dinner at a buffet with a friend, according to Says.
A night of drinking led to bringing a random stray dog home with him.
In the video, Yutthaphum “Boom” Kaewekhem can be seen trying to pick up the dog and ushering him inside the car. Another dog can be seen loitering in the background but Boom seems to only focus his attention on the black and brown dog. More than 2 million viewers see the dog jumping out of the car every time Boom manages to keep him inside.
In a Facebook post, Boom said his friend didn’t stop him from taking the dog home, instead filming him struggling in a drunken state.
“My friend does not know how to stop me. This is the restaurant in front of the village,” he said. “Instead of stopping me, my friend recorded the videos before driving us home.”
Screenshot via Yutthaphum Kaewekhem
The fun memory didn’t stop there, as Boom’s friend was present and ready with the camera to capture his confused reaction in the morning after.
Boom returned the dog to the front of the restaurant where he found it the next day and left the animal some food. However, Boom had a change of heart after he learned the animal was abandoned by its previous owner, Mothership reported.
That’s when Boom decided to adopt the dog and name it Moo Ta, inspired by the place where they first met. He took his new furry friend to a veterinary clinic for a health check and vaccinations. Boom also gave the dog a grooming.
Feature Images via Yutthaphum Kaewekhem
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