Thai Man Throws Party for His Dog ‘Piglet’ That Went Missing for Weeks

Thai Man Throws Party for His Dog ‘Piglet’ That Went Missing for Weeks
Ryan General
By Ryan General
January 25, 2019
A pet lover in Thailand will be celebrating the return of his previously missing dog with a buffet-style dinner party on Saturday.
Boonsong Meethao, a parking lot owner, reportedly discovered that his dog Look Moo (“piglet” in Thai), had gone missing on New Year’s Day, Khaosod reports (via Coconuts Media).
Image via Khaosod
“I knew that if she went missing for more than five days, she wouldn’t have food and water and could die. So I said if she came back in five days, I’ll throw her a buffet,” Boonsong was quoted as saying.
When Look Moo came back on the morning of January 5, he committed to following through with his pledge.
Boonsong’s planned party became widely shared on social media last week after one of his parking lot customers posted a picture of him putting up a banner for the party on their Facebook page.

“I’m throwing her a homecoming party on Saturday, Jan. 26. She’s been back for a while now, but I haven’t had time to plan it until now,” Boonsong explained in a broadcast interview. “The party will be filled with fellow dog lovers.”

According to Boonsong, Look Moo has been with him since before she was born, as he had owned the dog’s mother when she was also just a puppy.

“She’s two years old now. In the day, she’s friendly, but at night, she’s a pretty feisty watchdog,” Boonsong revealed.
Featured Image via Khaosod
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