Boy Gets 18 Teeth Pulled Because He Refused to Brush After Drinking Milk

While milk can be good for the body, leaving it inside the mouth for days without brushing can definitely bring problems to one’s oral hygiene, like what happened to a 4-year-old boy from Thailand when he refused to brush his teeth every time he drank milk.

Sathian Ken Suravisankul, a pedodontist (dentist that specializes in childhood dental health and care) at Smile Station clinic in Phuket, recently shared the story in a Facebook post. In the picture, the boy can be seen undergoing an operation to remove 18 of his teeth.

The pedodontist said that he felt bad for the boy as he only had two teeth left on either side of his jaw, which is affecting the way he eats at the moment, according to the translation from AsiaOne.


The dentist also wrote in the post that the boy would often fall asleep with the milk bottle still inside his mouth even after he was finished drinking it. And since he doesn’t brush often, the boy’s teeth started to decay.

Instead of blaming the parents, Ken expressed that he understands that they only want what’s best for their child. However, Ken advised parents against letting their children use milk bottles as well as pacifiers for much longer than needed. He also encouraged parents to teach their kids the importance of proper dental hygiene and brushing their teeth.

The child’s condition was not solely caused by the milk alone, according to Ken. He stressed that there could be other factors to this such as the rate of his salivation.


Featured image via Facebook / ken.suravisankul

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