Thai Cosplayer Makes Hilarious Low-Cost Cosplay of ‘Game of Thrones’

Thai Cosplayer Makes Hilarious Low-Cost Cosplay of ‘Game of Thrones’Thai Cosplayer Makes Hilarious Low-Cost Cosplay of ‘Game of Thrones’
Anucha “Cha” Saengchart, the famous Thai cosplayer behind the funny account “Lowcost Cosplay,” is at it again, and this time he gave “Game of Thrones” a shot by cosplaying as some of the characters from one of HBO’s most popular shows, Bored Panda reported.
In most cases, cosplay tends to be an all-out effort from the artist when making their costumes. The costumes are generally very intricate in order to make it as close to the actual characters’ as possible, but Cha’s approach in this art is totally different from the norm – he uses every household item he can find to create his costumes as true to the characters as possible.
Just take his latest series of “Game of Thrones” cosplay as example where he used several unusual items as part of his costumes including a severely worn-out running shoe (like the picture above) and a somewhat weirdly colored sanitary pad like the one he used in the picture below.
Even though his name says “Lowcost Cosplay,” Cha sometimes goes beyond the low cost part to add a few somewhat costly items into his costumes including this one where he used several keyboards for his Night King cosplay. And not to mention the candy he used for the eyes — it’s just too creative!
In another rendition of the Night King, he used powder to make his skin look frozen white and used his cat as a prop for the horse – of course he didn’t sit on the feline; he just used a good angle to make it look as if he had.
For his other cosplay, a random White Walker, he used ear buds to cover his face to make it look like they are wrinkled. Then proceeded to add some sort of blue skin color on his face to add the chilly effect.
Aside from common household objects, Cha also uses his body parts as part of his props. Take this one for example when he used his knee and leg and painted it to look like Daenerys riding her horse.
Featured image via Facebook / Lowcost Cosplay
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