Thai Cops Secretly Catch Drug Dealers Flushing Their Goods Down The Toilet With Hidden Cam

A pair of drug dealers in Thailand were secretly filmed as they tried to flush methamphetamine tablets down a toilet bowl before the cops eventually busted through the bathroom door.

The two men, identified as 31-year-old Nopparat Jaikamleu and 37-year-old Anusorn Jampol, were accused of selling yaba (tablets containing a mixture of methamphetamine and caffeine) to local teenagers.

Both of the suspects were trapped in their home in Mueang Lampang on Saturday afternoon after being surrounded by northern Lampang Province Drugs Suppression Division.

The authorities reportedly acted on a tip about the pair’s criminal activities, according to Bright TV via Coconuts Bangkok.

The duo reportedly dashed to the bathroom and locked themselves inside when the police arrived.

A police officer then heard repeated, frantic toilet flushes from the bathroom so he decided to sneak his phone’s camera in the vent and recorded them trying to destroy evidence.

The video footage shows the pair stuffing numerous dark blue bags of yaba into the john.

After a thorough search of the premises, the cops found over 10,500 yaba tablets in a bedroom and an additional 4.69 grams of the product scattered around the bathroom. A man and woman were also found to be doing drugs nearby.

Authorities also retrieved a pair of .22-caliber rifles with six bullets and an airsoft gun inside the house.

The drug-dealing pair has since been arrested and charged with possession of Category 1 drugs with intent to sell, using drugs, and illegal possession of firearms.

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