Thai Cement Bags are Now Being Sold in Europe as $240 Backpacks

Thai Cement Bags are Now Being Sold in Europe as $240 Backpacks
Carl Samson
By Carl Samson
February 28, 2018
Thai cement bags are now being sold as accessories in Europe with price tags as high as $240, surprising locals who recognized them.
via Facebook / นักล่าเนตไอดอล รีเทิร์น
On Feb. 25, a Thai Facebook page shared photos of the bags displayed through a window (translation via Coconuts):
“My friend in Germany sent me these pictures. They look so familiar. The cement bags from our home [in Thailand] have been turned into products sold at [European] shopping malls. The customers love these and think the bags are so chic.”
via Facebook / นักล่าเนตไอดอล รีเทิร์น
While the cement bags are made in Thailand, the seller claimed that they are sold by Cambodians.
via Elephbo
The products, reportedly combined with Italian leather, are sold by Swiss company Elephbo, which specializes in sustainable fashion.
via Elephbo
According to its website, it “recycles cement bags in Cambodia to produce high quality products and contribute to a better environment and opportunities for local people.”
via Facebook / นักล่าเนตไอดอล รีเทิร์น
Meanwhile, Thai netizens chimed in:
“This is so funny!”
“It’s a good project.”
“The [cement] companies must be suing for copyright.”
“The design is so beautiful.”
via Facebook / นักล่าเนตไอดอล รีเทิร์น
This is not the first time European companies are taking cues from Asian things. For one, Zara started selling lungi-like skirts in January, which it calls “Check Mini Skirt,” for $89.90.
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