Thai Beauty Salon Uses Super Glue to Attach Woman’s Fake Eyelashes and the Results are Horrifying

Horror stories of botched eyes in Asia continue this week, with a woman in Phuket, Thailand ending up swollen after having fake lashes attached with super glue.

The aftermath can be seen in a now-viral video, where the woman lies for a tear-inducing removal procedure.

Fara, the beautician who took the brave task of removing the fake lashes, said that the woman came running to her salon for help last Friday.

She learned that instead of cosmetic adhesives, the woman’s beautician used super glue to attach eyelash extensions.

The result was a pair of swollen eyes.

Fara described the matter as the most difficult case she encountered in her decade of practice, according to Sanook.

By the time the woman reached her salon, the glue already hardened.

To solve the problem, Fara had to use a certain solution to soften the glue.

And only after that was she able to start removing the extensions using a steel cuticle pusher.

It’s unclear where the woman got her extensions from, but it’s safe to say she’s not coming back for as long as we suspect.

Fara, who shared the video as a warning, urged others to do their research before picking a salon.

The video on Fara’s Facebook page has garnered at least 1.2 million views to date.

Netizens were horrified:

“What the f*ck!”

“That’s scary.”

“This is brutal.”

What do you think?

Images via Facebook / Fara Beautysalon

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