Thai Baby Elephant Gets a Second Chance at Life After Being Rescued From Hunters

Tribal villagers have rescued a baby elephant from capture by Chanthaburi animal hunters in the jungle of  Khaeng Hang Maew in Thailand on Wednesday night.

The calf, found with an injured leg, is now under the care of local forestry officials, according to the Bangkok Post. The rescuers have named the baby “Jam” and are now searching for an adoptive mother since its own mom is still missing.

The three-month-old animal appeared to have been badly injured by a trap when it was found by Moo 12 chief Wandee Dokdin and four other village people. Khao Ang Rue Nai Wildlife Sanctuary chief, Decha Nilvichian believes that it might have been trapped for three days.

The baby elephant was carried to the Chachoengsao wildlife office via a truck on Thursday where its injuries were treated by local veterinarians.

Officials have been watching over and feeding Jam in the sanctuary and will continue to provide 24-hour care to it. A wildlife official has said that the baby is now recovering and becoming healthier but a surrogate mother is still important for natural feeding so it can achieve optimal development. The group has been busy searching animal sanctuaries throughout Thailand for a mother.

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