Thai Airways’ Limited ‘Life-Vest’ Tote Bags Sells Out in Days

Thai Airways

Thai Airways International appears to be doing whatever it takes to generate revenue amid its continued loss of passengers due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Trying to stay afloat: The airline company, which launched airplane-themed cafes and sold deep-fried doughs this year, is now selling limited-edition, industrial-styled tote bags, Khaosod English reports.

  • Made uniquely from discarded life vests and slide rafts in emergency doors, the bags went officially on sale online last Thursday afternoon.
  • The bags, which are expected to be delivered to customers on Dec. 20, were already sold out as of this writing. 
  • “Help save the world from climate change; Thai Airways International introduces ‘Re-Life Collection,’ the bags reproduced from our disposed life vests and slide rafts,” noted the airline’s website. 
  • The bags are uniquely tagged with the serial number found on each vest and offered in different priced variants.
  • A small pouch from the “Project: Re” collection costs 390 baht ($12.50) while a large bag is priced at 4,990 baht ($160).
  • Bag designs with attached pull tabs from life vests are priced at 1,590 baht ($51) and 1,990 baht ($64).  

Grounded airline: With the pandemic halting its global operations, Thai Airways reportedly had incurred 332 billion baht ($10 billion) in total liabilities and was forced to file a restructuring plan back in May.

  • To generate some income, the airline launched a specialty café in September that sold in-flight meals to customers.
  • It also began a fried doughnuts food stall on Silom Road, which the company claimed earned 10 million baht (more than $320,000) a month. 

Feature Image via Thanawatch Pothisukkho

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