Design Student Creates Site That Sells Thigh Gap Jewelry to Prove an Important Point

Design Student Creates Site That Sells Thigh Gap Jewelry to Prove an Important Point
Ryan General
March 30, 2016
Who would’ve known that the space between the inner thighs of women would become a beauty ideal among teenage girls?
The thigh gap, an often unachievable beauty trend that dangerously encourages women to undergo extreme dieting, is becoming more popular than ever.
And what best way to exploit this trend than to have jewelry that highlights this weird standard of attractiveness?
TGap Jewellery, which claims to design and sell accessories specifically for thigh gaps, says on its website that their collections focus on “accentuating and celebrating the gap.”
The pieces, supposedly created by Singaporean Soo Kyung Bae, are bespoke gold chains that are designed to hang in the gap between the two thighs.
Retailing between $175 and $195, the jewelry would’ve become a hit, that is of course, if Tgap was actually real. It turns out, the company itself is fictional and the collection pieces doesn’t really exist.
Bae, an industrial design student at the National University of Singapore created the fake website to try to get everyone’s attention to this absurd obsession with thigh gaps.
The website itself states that it was “launched to catalyze a debate on unrealistic body image social media portrays.”
“The jewelry pieces take the thigh-gap trend to another level, the pieces are created in hopes of sparking questions,” Bae told Dezeen. “If we let the media to keep popularizing such unrealistic body ideal, will this eventually become reality?
If someone actually attempts to purchase the jewelry, the potential buyer will be redirected to a page that explains the mission of TGap and some helpful links that may help people who are suffering from body dysmorphic disorder.
Thigh gap represents one of the first few trends regarding body ideals the media has popularised,” Bae said. “It clearly demonstrates media’s power on influencing one’s perception of body image.”
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