Hooters Waitress Quits Job After White Family Writes ‘New’ Racial Slur for Asians on Receipt

Hooters Waitress Quits Job After White Family Writes ‘New’ Racial Slur for Asians on ReceiptHooters Waitress Quits Job After White Family Writes ‘New’ Racial Slur for Asians on Receipt
A 22-year-old Hooters waitress quit her job after allegedly receiving a racial slur from a White family that acted rudely throughout her service.
Elina Blackstock, a Japanese native, claimed that the family made fun of her while she served at the newly-opened restaurant in Wichita Falls, Texas on Sunday.
In a Facebook post, Blackstock, who goes by her profile name “Elina Blackstone,” shared a picture of the family’s receipt, which one member returned with the words “Get a different job damn Jandice.”
Blackstock claimed that the customer, whom she believed to be a grandson, meant to call her “jaundice” — a yellowish discoloration of the skin often associated with an underlying disease.
Image via Facebook / Elina Blackstone
The term, however, has since become a colloquial racial slur for Asians.
“Some people think I was overreacting, and I need to get over it,” Blackstock told Times Record News. “I think some people don’t understand what the word ‘jaundice’ means, but it’s a racial slur for Asians.”
Image via Facebook / Elina Blackstone
Blackstock added that a woman watched, laughed and told the grandson to “be nice” as the latter wrote his comments.
She also denied accusations that she only made the whole thing up for attention.
“Some people think I made this up for attention, and I need to stop being a victim. But people need to know racism exists.”
Image via YouTube / KFDX 3
Blackstock said that the family left her a dismal 70 cent tip — although it did not matter as much as the offensive remark.
She wrote in an update:
“Some people think I got offended by 70c but no y’all misunderstood my point. If they just didn’t tip me at all, it’s okay maybe they thought I was a horrible server I’d try to fix it. If they left a comment about my serving skills, I would have appreciated the feedback and tried to make it better.
“But they left a comment about my race which there’s nothing I can fix about because I was born with this skin color. And even if I was a horrible server, it’s never okay to leave a racist comment period. Oh and it’s not a name. It’s jaundice. He misspelled it.”
Image: Screenshot via Times Record News
Blackstock, who holds a green card, also addressed comments claiming that she was racist towards White people, since she had to mention so.
“The reason I stated the race [is] because I just wanted to make a point that it was racial discrimination. And I don’t think calling them White is considered as racist because it’s used in government documents. And as you can tell by my last name, one of my parents are White, my boyfriend is White. My best-friend is White. Why would I be racist towards White people?
“It doesn’t matter what your skin color is. The fact is I was called a ‘Damn Jaundice’ which refers as a racial slur towards Asians.”
Image via Facebook / Elina Blackstone
In response to the incident, Hooters General Counsel and Chief Legal Officer Claudia Levitas said in a statement via KFDX 3:
“We were deeply troubled to learn of this customer’s disgraceful language and the offensive note directed at Elina. It is sad that this type of behavior still exists. As soon as our managers found out about it yesterday, they comforted Elina and told her that we would ban the customers if they tried to return.
“Additionally, Hooters’ CEO Terry Marks called Elina today to express his full support and to assure her that we don’t tolerate that type of behavior.”
For now, Blackstock is committed to finishing her degree in criminal justice at Vernon College.
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