Rich Kids Can Now Demand Their Parents Buy Them This $500 Mini Tesla

Rich kids can now cruise around in their own sweet rides thanks to Tesla’s newest car model.

The Tesla Model S for Kids, with working headlights, reaches a whopping six miles per hour. The project was a joint collaboration between Tesla and Radio Flyer, the American toy company known for its iconic red wagon.

The product can be preordered for $499 before its release in May. According to CNN, the Tesla Model S for kids is “supposed to charge faster and longer than any other battery-powered kiddy car” thanks to its special lithium ion batteries.

It also features a spacious interior, a frunk (a trunk in the front of the car), an iPhone plugin sound system and mini indoor car covers. Kids can also pimp out their shiny cars with personalized license plates for $15. The Tesla cars come in red, blue and “midnight silver metallic.”

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