One Video Proves Just How Gangsta Tesla’s Autopilot Is

A footage showing off Tesla’s much-improved autopilot radar system, which effectively predicted an impending collision, has emerged online.

Uploaded on Twitter by user Hans Noordsij, the short clip shows a group of cars speeding through the A2 highway in the Netherlands before an accident occurred, reported Electrek (via Mashable).

In the video recorded from the dash cam, the car’s Forward Collision Warning, apparently sensing a crash, beeps, and initiated its emergency braking system way before anyone realized what was happening.

Shortly after, the vehicle in front of the Tesla went crashing into an SUV. What was not immediately visible from the view of the Tesla driver was immediately captured by the collision warning system’s updated radar.

Noordsij said he was particularly impressed with how the Tesla’s autopilot radar feature recognized what was going on two cars ahead, hidden from the driver’s view.

Telsa’s emergency brake systems also kicked in way before he applied the brakes himself manually. Fortunately, no one was reportedly injured in the crash.

Earlier announced in September, the autopilot upgrade was set to utilize the autopilot’s radar as the vehicle’s primary control sensor. The improvement was pushed via an over-the-air software update to all Tesla vehicles equipped with the first generation Autopilot. Such update is expected to soon be pushed to the second generation Autopilot hardware as well.

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