Terrorism Analyst’s Racist Tweet Against China Quickly Ruins His Life

Terrorism Analyst’s Racist Tweet Against China Quickly Ruins His LifeTerrorism Analyst’s Racist Tweet Against China Quickly Ruins His Life
Ryan General
February 24, 2018
Michael S. Smith II, a terrorism analyst for the think tank New America, was immediately fired after tweeting offensive remarks against Chinese intelligence agencies.
Smith recently sparked outrage for posting a tweet apparently ridiculing the Asian language by using stereotypical insults.
While sharing an article on the Chinese government’s purchase of New York’s Waldorf Astoria hotel, he ridiculed the Chinese by switching l’s with r’s and making reference to eye shape: “We know wheh you sreep, rouwound eye. And who you sreepy with!!!”
He removed the tweet but not before he was called out by both the Asian community and the national security community for his racist comments.
Smith also deleted his initial defense of the post, in which he claimed he was “poking fun at Chinese ‘intelligence’ agencies.”

He shifted the blame to his critics while dismissing the outraged netizens for making “false claims of racism,” ironically sharing a screenshot of the Urban Dictionary definition of “Chile Please.”
It did not take long for New America to announce that Smith’s fellowship had been terminated for his “use of inappropriate language.” 
“New America does not tolerate or condone the use of racist language or racist conduct of any kind,” the group said.

Smith eventually gave his apology but insisted that he is “not a racist.” 
“I apologize to everyone who found my comments to be offensive and hurtful. I have removed the tweet in consideration of your concerns,” Smith wrote.
How sincere.
Basically, no one is buying it:
Feature image via Twitter/MichaelSSmithII
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