Man Breaks Down and Ugly Cries After Being Told He Can Adopt His Foster Dog

Man Breaks Down and Ugly Cries After Being Told He Can Adopt His Foster DogMan Breaks Down and Ugly Cries After Being Told He Can Adopt His Foster Dog
A man was overwhelmed with emotion after he was told that he could officially adopt his family’s foster dog, a Terrier and Schnauzer mix.
Toby, who was previously named Tei when Band for Animal rescued him from a shelter in South Korea, was a foster dog that Ann Hoang and her husband took in.
Hoang and her husband wanted to have another dog in the family, but they were unsure if they could handle the additional responsibility. At first, the family decided to try fostering and later adopt another rescue dog from a shelter.
However, things changed when they saw Toby, according to The Dodo. He was very shy when the Hoangs first brought him into their house, and hesitant to sit or even lie down.
At first, my husband was unsure of Toby because he was very timid and also this was our very first foster experience,” Hoang told The Dodo. “However, by the [first] evening, Toby had sat down next to my husband and he looked up at him with his puppy dog eyes, and my husband saw the kindness of God in Toby’s face. Toby seemed to attach to my husband pretty quickly from there on out.”
After a week, Toby finally became comfortable with his new family. He and his sister dog, Charlie, also started playing and cuddling like they had known each other since they were born.
But reality set in when Hoang realized that the happy times would soon come to an end.
We had two families who wanted to schedule a meeting with Toby, and when that happened, I just realized how crushed my husband would be without him,” Hoang said. “It had only been one week but my husband and Toby were inseparable. My husband is such a giving person, always putting others before himself. He’s never really asked for anything or wanted anything badly. Toby was the first experience where I could see he would be heartbroken without him.”
Hoang then decided to adopt Toby and surprise her husband. She contacted the rescue team and let them know that they would be adopting the pooch, and that she planned to keep this a surprise from her husband.
She told her husband that a potential adopter would be coming over. It turned out to be a person from the rescue who handed him a card letting him know that his family has officially adopted Toby.
After reading the card, Hoang’s husband started to cry as he hugged Toby.
“Oh my goodness, I thought he would be happy but never in a million years did I think he would cry so much. I have never seen him react this way to anything before! He is sensitive but this was more than I’ve ever seen,” she said.
It wasn’t long before everyone in the room started crying as well, even the person from the rescue.
No one expected we would be a foster fail for the first time around, but it was so meant to be,” Hoang said.
Images Screenshot via The Dodo
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