Comedian Resorts to Racism Against Asian People, ‘Ching Chong Virus’ on Twitter

terrence k williams

American comedian and avid Trump supporter Terrence K. Williams went on a racist rant against Asian people on Twitter amid the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

The comedian’s rant began on March 16 when he posted a three and half minute video of him talking about how it is not racist to call the coronavirus the “China Virus,” a term used by Trump on Twitter.

In his video, Williams repeatedly argued that the virus came from China and that it should be called that or the “Ching Chong Virus.”

In a follow-up tweet, he used the “comedian card” in an attempt to avoid the backlash, saying that he “accidentally” called it the “Ching Chong Virus.” He also mentioned the racist phrase “Kung Flu.”

“OH IM IN TROUBLE AGAIN! People are mad that I accidentally called the Chinese Virus ‘The Ching “Chong Virus’ I’m a comedian give me a break. I’m allowed to have fun during this crisis. I won’t say Ching Chong Virus again. I mean the Ching Chong Virus. No I mean the Kung Flu.”

“Let’s stop the bullcrap right now! We are dealing with a deadly China Virus! People are crying and fighting over mockery of a name. Who cares what we call it!” Williams said in another tweet. “It came from China! It’s the China Virus!”

He continued to defend himself by calling himself a “comedian.”

Some of his followers seemed to enjoy his racially charged jokes.

Trump praised himself for the way he has handled COVID-19 in a tweet on Wednesday.

Williams thanked the president and continued to call COVID-19 by the wrong name.

Feature Image via @w_terrence

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