Why Did White Women Vote for Donald Trump?

Before November 8, Hillary Clinton was deemed the likely winner of the 2016 presidential election by pollsters and liberal media outlets. However, by evening’s end, fervor for Republican candidate Donald Trump swept the nation until his win was officially called.
Analysis showed that the majority of white women bypassed supporting the first female president and instead voted for Trump, a man married multiple times and who was caught saying he liked to grab women by their genitalia. So what happened? Why did those women voters support a man who seemingly wants to return to the era of Stepford Wives and Mad Men boys’ clubs?
Was it actually sexism towards Hillary? While I do believe sexism clouded the public’s view of her, I also think white conservatives would have supported a female Republican if she, like Trump, promised to return the USA to another era, which seems reminiscent of the South in the 1950s to 1960s.
So despite Trump’s sordid history with women, how’d he get their votes?
My answer will shock only those living in progressive big cities, but for everyone else, it’s simple. It’s because a lot of people like that “old fashioned” lifestyle and our current environment shames that. Thanks to PC culture spread by a few but loud activists online, men are condemned for wanting traditional gender roles, and women are criticized for choosing a husband instead of a career. Celebrity women who distance themselves from the word “feminist” get angry think pieces written about them, and high profile men who make any type of gender joke face immediate backlash. With the online activists so vocal, it seemed that America was embracing a new way of living, but in reality, most people conform eventually to traditional roles. And even an adulterer and accused rapist, who doesn’t pay his taxes, will get a pass if he promises to let men be men and women be women.
For over a year, I researched high-status men and the beautiful women who date them for my new novel, “The Sugar Baby Club”. When I started the project, I mistakenly assumed everyone would be progressive like me because we were all living in Los Angeles, but I was wrong! These people loved falling into their respective traditional roles of provider and supporter, and the lifestyle continues to bring in more members. As of 2016, one of the leading sugar dating websites has over 5 million members, a huge portion of which live in cities.
And that’s what goes on in blue areas. In red rural communities like the one I grew up in (I’m from a small town in Kansas. Yes, this is true.), people were expected to get married, have families, and provide for those families. And the main provider typically was a man. By no means was the environment as obvious as woman-sit-your-ass-down, but it was a patriarchy and a representation of the other red rural areas that flocked to vote Trump.
Donald Trump represents the head of household, alpha man breadwinner that many Americans, men and women, are used to seeing and want to continue seeing. To them, men with confidence who promise to keep order will “make America great.” Hillary represented the status quo, which right now is a hyper sensitive and boiling place. She promised to listen, but traditionalists, who have been silenced, were terrified by who was speaking the loudest.
It’s noted that Hillary did win the popular vote, but her win was neck and neck with Trump’s regime of 59.5 million voters. That means that 59.5 million people want to experience Trump’s Great America. While his victory speech was uncharacteristically even keeled, time will tell if he will make good on his promise and return the country back to the time when men ruled and women were never expected to lean in.
About Teresa LoTeresa Lo is a relationship expert who has written about love and sex for websites such as Examiner and Hustler Magazine. She is the author of the upcoming novel, “The Sugar Baby Club,” which explores the lives of college girls who date rich older men. When researching the book, she read countless accounts and interviewed hundreds of sugar babies and daddies to learn the psychology of why people sugar date, who does it, and why people cheat.
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