Man Shocked to Discover ‘Flower Vase’ on Grandma’s Altar is a Sex Toy

Man Shocked to Discover ‘Flower Vase’ on Grandma’s Altar is a Sex ToyMan Shocked to Discover ‘Flower Vase’ on Grandma’s Altar is a Sex Toy
A Japanese man had the shock of his life after finding his grandfather using a Tenga male masturbatory aid as a flower vase for his late grandmother’s altar.
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Twitter user @koniy0805 visited to his grandfather’s home for the first time in a while.
Just as he was about to pay respects to his grandmother, who passed away last year, he noticed the Tenga he received as a gift from his previous job.
He wrote, as translated by SoraNews24:
“I went back to visit my home town for the first time in a while. My grandmother passed away a year ago, so I wanted to say a prayer for her, and I saw that the Tenga I received as a going-away present when I quit my old job is being used in the worst way anyone has ever used it.
Grandpa…that’s not a flower vase. Why didn’t any of my relatives stop him before this happened?
The only silver lining is that I hadn’t ever used it.”
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After doing some investigation, @koniy0805 discovered that his grandfather had torn a hole on top of the Tenga to fit the flowers in.
The young man felt uncomfortable seeing the sex toy placed beside the picture of his departed grandmother. He immediately disposed of the Tenga without telling his grandfather what the object was really for.
While most netizens were curious about how the grandfather confused the male sex toy for a vase, one Twitter user noted that the company had once offered a Tenga vase as a promotional tie-in for its toy.
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The grandfather might have also read the word tenga, which is written in kanji as 典雅 and means “grace.”
Featured Image via Twitter / koniy0805
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