Tenga Releases Valentine’s Day Chocolate That Looks Like a Masturbatory Aid

Tenga chocolate

Tenga is releasing a limited-edition Sweet Love Cup for Valentine’s Day, but this year, the company changed the design of the chocolate to look like a masturbatory-aid.

Like 2019’s limited-edition chocolate, the Tenga Sweet Love Cup will come in a container shaped like the company’s popular male self-pleasuring device, according to SoraNews24.

The chocolate inside will take on the same design, unlike last year’s cube-shaped, foil-wrapped treat.

This year’s Valentine’s Day chocolate will come in three different flavors: high cacao, matcha and strawberry.

Tenga chocolate

To help generate buzz for the chocolate, Tenga took to Twitter. The company explained that the Japanese slang for penis is “chinko,” but it tweeted “chi” and “ko” with a circle in between, so the word sounds similar to “choco.”

The limited-edition offer will contain 10 Tenga chocolates inside each package for 500 yen ($4.55). Customers who would like more can opt for a tower of Tenga that starts at 30 cups for 16,200 yen ($147), 100 cups for 50,000 yen ($455), and 300 cups for 150,000 yen ($1,365).

Tenga chocolate

The Tenga Sweet Love Cup and the towers are available now as a limited-time offer at many Tower Records stores in Japan.

Images via Tenga

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