Tencent CEO Pony Ma Named the Most Generous Chinese Philanthropist in Hurun Report

Pony Ma, the billionaire founder, chairman and CEO of China’s Tencent, has been named the most generous Chinese philanthropist in a
Within the last year, Pony Ma has donated a total of $2.15 billion to charity. In April, Ma announced that he would be donating $2 billion of his company shares to a new charity fund, making it China’s second biggest philanthropic donation in history.
Ma currently has a net worth of $20.5 billion, according to Forbes.
Coming in second after Ma is Tencent co-founder Charles Chen Yidan, who donated $615 million to a private college as well as to fund the Yidan Prize, an education award.
Hurun surveyed 3,000 Chinese entrepreneurs, 1,877 of whom were featured on Hurun’s “China Rich List” last year.
Hurun’s list included a total of 122 ethnic Chinese philanthropists, including 13 from Hong Kong and 5 from Taiwan. In total, the philanthropists have donated 35.2 billion yuan, or somewhere in the ballpark of $5,336,972,608.
Donations were defined as cash or cash equivalents pledged through legally binding commitments from April 2015 to March 2016.
On average, mainland Chinese philanthropists gave away 1.9% of their wealth compared to non-mainlanders who, on average, only gave away .9% of their assets.
The average age of the top 100 mainland philanthropists was 55 while the non-mainlander’s average age was 76.
Billionaire Wanda Group founder Wang Jianlin was also listed among the top global Chinese philanthropists coming in at number 6.
Source: SCMP
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