Woman Claiming She’s the ‘Queen of Australia’ Tells Asian Workers to ‘Go Back to China’

Woman Claiming She’s the ‘Queen of Australia’ Tells Asian Workers to ‘Go Back to China’Woman Claiming She’s the ‘Queen of Australia’ Tells Asian Workers to ‘Go Back to China’
An irate woman screamed at Telstra workers and told them to “go back to China” after being asked several questions as part of the store’s safety procedure to ensure that she does not have COVID-19.
The incident occurred at the store’s branch in Miranda, in southern Sydney, at around 11 a.m. on Thursday, according to Daily Mail.
The woman, who called herself the “Queen of Australia,” told employees to “go back to China” and screamed at the floor manager that he would “be deported.”
“No, you’ll be leaving and I’ll be making sure that your whole family will be deported,” the woman can be heard screaming in the video. “It doesn’t matter that you were born here because I am the queen of this country… Do you understand that?”
The woman, who ignored the 1.5 meters (about 5 feet) social distancing guideline, held a camera close to the man’s face as he repeatedly said “good on you,” while she continued to harass him.
“Good on me. You have been served your eviction notice with your whole family,” she replied.
In the clip, the manager asks the woman to leave, but she refused. She insisted the man turn his badge around and asked for his name.
The altercation was moved outside to the storefront where the woman screamed in the man’s face to “go back to China.”
Two other employees came for support as the woman aggressively pointed at the three workers.
“My family is going to make sure this shop is shut down immediately,” the woman said before walking off only to turn around and add, “And you are too, India.”
As it turns out, the incident happened on the same day as the floor manager’s birthday, an employee told the publication.
“We are here to help you, we are not here to be scolded,” he said. “I just feel for the Asian Chinese community. It’s not fair on us during these times. We are being mocked and treated like second-class citizens.”
A spokeswoman from the NSW Police said they are aware of the video and authorities are now investigating the case.
“The matter is now under investigation by officers attached to Sutherland Shire Police Area Command,” the spokeswoman said. “No further information is available at this stage.”
This is not the first time an Asian person has been targeted by racial harassment amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Last week, a teen was arrested and charged for spitting on and threatening two Asian sisters with a knife for “bringing Corona” to Australia.
Feature Image Screenshot via Sky News Australia
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