Asian Restaurant Locks in Teens Allegedly Trying to Dine and Dash

dine and dash

Footage featuring teenagers trying to flee an Asian restaurant allegedly without paying for food went viral last week. 

Dine and dash from r/PublicFreakout

Dine, dash and go viral: The clip, posted by Redditor adadslife on the “Public Freakout” forum, shows a group of teens having an argument with restaurant employees who barred the doors so they couldn’t escape. 

  • Some of the teens had already made it outside, celebrating, while the others were stuck inside.
  • “I’m going to be sick,” one of them screamed.
  • “Let me out,” yelled another.
  • An employee can be heard instructing someone to call the authorities.
  • As the teens yell, one became increasingly agitated once she realized they were being recorded, saying “you’ve got our names?”
  • They continuously try to overpower, slam and pry the door open from the employees who were blocking the entrance.

Further details needed: As of this writing, it is still unknown when and where the incident happened as no other details about it were provided by the video uploader. 

  • Some Reddit users speculated that the incident happened in Manchester, England, due to the teens’ accent.
  • Regardless of where the incident took place, commenters mostly condemned the teens’ actions.
  • Some users accuse the customers of being privileged, with others agreeing that they got what they deserved.
  • Meanwhile, other commenters expressed their desire for the teens to get arrested or at least fined.
  • One indication that the incident happened recently is that all of the workers can be seen wearing face masks in the video.

Featured Image via adadslife

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