Teenage Boy Arrested After Harassing Women For Not Being From Beijing

Teenage Boy Arrested After Harassing Women For Not Being From BeijingTeenage Boy Arrested After Harassing Women For Not Being From Beijing
A 17-year-old boy was arrested after being filmed in a profanity-laden rant
As seen in the two-minute footage, the teenager, surnamed Zhang, called the women “smelly bitches” and shamed them for not being from Beijing.
The brawl turned physical when the one of the women attempted to “report the incident” over the phone.
Zhang grabbed her phone, asking (via Sixth Tone), “You calling the police? Did I touch you? You are calling the police? Who are you calling?”
The woman tried to retrieve her phone, but Zhang would not return it saying, “Fuck me, you are getting violent? You bunch of outsider bitches!”
When the train arrived at Jiandemen Station, the woman asked Zhang to “get out and talk.” But the teenager told them to get off the train before he returned the phone saying, “Get out and I will give it to you. You have five seconds.”
As the doors closed, Zhang handed the device and shoved the women off the train.
The woman who filmed the video said Zhang was pissed off when the women offered him a QR code so he could follow their company that sells nutritious breakfasts. According to her, they also asked other passengers the same favor.
A Weibo user who claimed to be Zhang posted on the same day of the incident:
“Do you want to hear the whole story? I was standing when the two women came and asked me to scan [the QR code]. They insisted after I had rejected them a few times by waving my hands. In the end when the door was closing I threw the phone and pushed her out, I didn’t take the phone.”
The video went viral on Chinese social media over the weekend, according to Shanghaiist. Netizens commented:
“Why do you think you’re so superior just because you were born in Beijing? Really, you are not even human!”
“This kid is just 17 years old, and he talks like that! Just imagine how messed up his parents are!”
“All those people and not one stepped in to help.”
Meanwhile, there are those who suspected that Zhang himself was not from Beijing due to his accent. He was reportedly arrested but later let go for being a minor. He was also said to have shown regret over his actions.
Unfortunately, the women are facing a much worse position as their offering of the QR code — which comes off as illegal marketing — was reportedly tipped to authorities.
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